Saturday, 29 September 2012

Mappack v1.2

Hey everyone, the new map pack will be coming out soon, it'll have a few new maps in it.

Spain Rally:


Swiss Stroll:

Robada Pass:

Route 45:

Karugahara(Blue Mountain)/Harugahara:
Karugahara (Blue Mountain):


Which version should I add out of Harugahara/Karugahara? Tell me what map you want in the chat box on the right or leave a comment below.

If you have any other suggestions for new maps please leave a message with the name of the map in the chat box on the right, or leave a comment below.

It'll be ready for you to download and play soon! Please spread the word and tell your friends, map pack v1.2 will be being released soon!


  1. Im RiW_ThailanD

    Wow is Good map , Where is link ? Hahah

  2. So...When 1.2 been released? I want Blue Mountains :>

  3. Crash when my GTA loads in 70% but i used the installer