Saturday, 11 May 2013

Update on Mappack v1.3 (last updated 25th may)

Okay, so here are the maps i've added (15th May):

Usui by kohdyktop
Ebisuland by kohdyktop (new ebisu south + ebisu drift school)
Autopolis by kohdyktop
Rocky Island by kohdyktop
Irohazaka by kohdyktop (new and improved)

Big thanks to kohdyktop for all his hard work and maps (
If you want a map added, add me on skype and tell me, download links appreciated :)
Skype: sampnaka

Edit: 17th May
Mt Koyo added, created by drink_taiyaki
Shomaru Pass added, created by kohdyktop

Edit: 18th May
Nakayubi added, created by ???, added to mappack by Jay
Shomaru Pass additional trees added, mappack sign added on top by SHHADA
NFSDrift removed from mappack

Edit: 21st May
Akagi Pass added, created by kohdyktop
Rokko added to mappack by SHHADA
Ebisu West WIP (SHHADA working on it)
Gunsai removed from mappack

Edit: 23rd May
Usui moved - was clashing with rokko

Edit: 25th May
Rokko retextured
Ebisu West added
White Hill added to mappack by SHHADA
Ebisu Land moved 50 meters north (was clashing with White Hill)
Ebisu West additional objects added (cones, trees etc)

Visit SHHADAs blog for more information, and to recommend a map go there.


  1. thanks naka :3

    I would like to recommend

    new map tail of the dragon by kohdyktop
    map is quite long and I'd love you to add this folder

  2. How do you install this map pack?

    1. When you download it, and extract it, there will be a readme.txt, which you can open and follow the instructions. Or you can download the Installer, and put it in your GTA SA folder, double click, then done :)

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  3. is this possible to single player ?

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