Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Update on Mappack v1.3 (06-06-2013)

Hey everyone, sorry for no updates recently.

SHHADA, Jay, Godlike, Juaddy and Nicole have currently been working on a video (teaser / trailer) for the map pack / Total Consciousness.
I have been working on the Total Consciousness server, (maps and such) aswell as real life issues.
It has all been quite time consuming, however don't think we've given up on the map pack :) As soon as the trailer / teaser is released, and the map pack is complete we will release it, and will provide mirrors / download links.

The map pack currently has in total: 33 maps. 12 new maps, 21 old maps.
The new maps have been added have all been placed, some retextured, and even some old maps have been retextured.

It's going to be awesome drifting with all of you :) Please tell your friends, spread the word that mappack v1.3 is being released very soon, and it's going to have over 12 new maps. (we're still going to add some)

Thank you all for all the motivation, it's been an awesome experience working on this project, especially since SHHADA, Jay, Juaddy and Godlike started working on the map pack too :)

Stay updated :D
See you soon.

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