Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mappack v1.3 released

Mappack v1.3 is now available to download.
I am currently uploading more mirrors, so there will be other websites/links you can use.

Inside you will find maps.jpg, which will show you where all the maps locations are.
You will also find readme.txt which will explain how to install it manually (and using installer)
Follow the easy steps.

Big thanks to everyone who helped out: Godlike, Jay, Nicole, Shhada and Juaddy.

Download link on the right side of the page.

Enjoy, and share :)


  1. Installer version. 70% Loading Game,crash :(

  2. naka ......can you teach how to make your map suitable for gta sa original?

  3. where i download your mappack?

  4. Hey Naka! does it works on GTA SA? or just works on SA:MP?

  5. My game not responding at v1.3 ,then im use v1.2 and works