Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stepping down from TC Leader

As the title of this post says, I've decided to step down as the 'leader' as Total Consciousness.
My in-game name will now be: Naka
This is not due to any disputes / disagreements that have happened, it is a decision I have come to after much thought.

The Total Consciousness server will remain up, and will remain under that name unless the clan (TC) disbands, in which case it's name will be changed.

The IP is still the same, however may be moving shortly to

Thank you for reading/staying interested, means a lot,

 - Naka


  1. [TC]Naka. I have a serious problem. i have download ur mappack. but some reason i cant see it. so if u can help me contact me on skype: giovanni.overbeek1 thanks for ur help


  2. help me please

    i want to make map gta but i don't know how to make map and What program do you use.